Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.What is

It consists of a set of online tools that help in coming up with random and varying passwords (based on length as well as characters).

Q.How do the tools work? Also, where are the passwords stored?

Tools here use JavaScript which is a client-side language. All the calculations are done at the user end in the browser and never on server. So, no passwords are ever stored.

Q.Who made this site?

This site is made by admin [at] Feel free to visit which is a technology blog that covers various articles, giveaways and tutorials related to PC based operating systems like Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, Windows and tons of related useful apps.

Random Password Generator Tool

Q.What is Random Password Tool

This tool creates strong and secure random passwords (of upto 20 characters in length) based on various criteria selected.

Q.How to make a good and secure password using this?

For making a strong password, ensure that all the 4 options (uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) are selected. Also, keep the length to be at least 8 characters or more. This is far better and secure then just choosing a single option and creating a password.

Master Password Tool

Q.What is Master Password Tool

This tool auto-generates non-dictionary passwords which are tied to a single master password. Only this master password needs to be memorized.

Q.How often do the generated passwords change?

The generated passwords will only change when the master password changes.

Q. Is the master password case sensitive?

Yes. So for e.g : entering a master password as "hello123" will give a different set of passwords compared to "Hello123" or "HELLO123".

Q. How are the passwords created using this tool?

Master password tool uses cryptographic hash function to transform master password into different passwords.

Q.What is the Custom box for?

It is used to create password for sites not listed. To do this, enter the master password as usual, next enter the site name in "Custom site" box and then hit the second "Generate" button.